Project Details... 

Moving from CA to AZ

Ernie and Stacy moved to a much larger home than they had in San Jose and took everything they owned with them.  After a couple of months of enjoying their much larger new home in Arizona, they knew they needed help figuring out where all of their furniture and artwork should go.  

Our House to Home 2 hr. Virtual Zoom call

During our 2 hr. consultation, we determined several things that were immediate action items for them. 

Are there a few action items you can share here?  

Special Requests...

Ernie had always wanted a pinball machine, and in their new home, he knew the formal living room as an excellent entertainment space for the pinball machine, service bar, and a bar height table.  Stacy wasn’t so sure. 

I quickly pointed out that they had a large eating area next to their kitchen for dining and a great formal dining room next to the living room.  We talked about options for all of the rooms and how they related to each other.  

We quickly decided to turn the formal dining room into a lounge where they could enjoy entertaining their friends while also creating a place for them to spend time together in comfort for the rest of the year.

This brought Ernie’s vision to fruition while giving Stacy a plan so that she could rest easy.

The Action Plan...

With my help they not only have their original items in place, but they also have a plan on what to purchase as they find items they both love as they continue to make their house a home they will enjoy for years to come.