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Aww, Spring is Here!  Here Are Some Ways to Bring it Inside Your Home

I love the change of the seasons. Each brings something special to my home.  Nothing feels more like spring then pops of fresh color that draw the eye around the room.

Ways to Sprinkle Color Around the Space That are Easy and Inexpensive

Have you ever considered having two sets of pillows that you can alternate throughout the seasons?  Switch out moody colors of autumn and winter to lighter colors for spring and summer.  Adding a nice light throw would just be the right thing to encourage you to take a quiet moment in your space with your favorite morning beverage before you get ready to embrace the day.  How about alternating drapery panels that would coordinate with the sets of pillows?

Do you have a tray on your large ottoman or coffee table that has a place for a vase of flowers that you can pick up at any farmer’s market that represents colors that make YOU smile when you come into the room?  Some of my favorites are tulips, daffodils, and blue irises.

Easy Kitchen Colorful Additions

Add a bowl of lemons and limes in the kitchen as a wonderful splash of color that also serves a handy purpose.  How about crisp Granny Smith apples?  A vase of your favorite flowers?  Also, consider colorful hand towels that make you happy being in the room.

Declutter and Deep Clean Your Home to Get Ready For Guests

Declutter and deep clean surfaces and be sure to wash your windows so that you enjoy the view outside when you’re in the room.


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