Remodel Design Projects 

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I am here to help you navigate through all of the many decisions involved in a remodel. From space planning, tile and fixture selections to color schemes. 

  • Review of Architectural Plans
  • Specification of tile and stone and tile design drawings
  • Materials and Finish Selection with client for interiors and exteriors including;  plumbing fixtures, flooring, wall treatment, millwork and light fixtures
  • Electrical Review and suggested placement
  • Color Schemes for interior and exterior

Redesign Projects 

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Guess what! You may already have everything you need to create a space you will love! Let's work together to redesign your home, using the items you have chosen over the years to create a whole new look.

I can help you fall in love with the pieces in your home all over again by...

  • Taking those well loved family heirlooms out of storage 
  • Dusting off the vacation mementos that inspire great memories 
  • Repurpose those items you bought with care and intention 

Interior Design Projects 

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From start to finish I am here to simplify the process of transforming your space into a home the whole family will love!  My goal is to save you time, money and mistakes! Here are a few things I can help you with... 

  • Space planning and drafting furniture placement with measurements for purchasing
  • Selection of furniture, accessories and art
  • Shopping trips with client.
  • Ordering furnishing items, tracking and installation
  • Paint color schemes, including wall, materials, finishes, and fabrics
  • Light fixtures
  • Flooring 
  • Window treatments
  • Custom Bedding 
  • List Element
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Jamie Price, Design Compass Interior Design, 25 years with NARI, Silicon Valley Chapter