Arizona Settling In Transformation

Ernie and Stacy moved to a much larger home than they had in San Jose and took everything they owned with them.  After a couple of months of enjoying their much larger new home in Arizona, they knew they needed help figuring out where all of their furniture and artwork should go.  

Working with their formal dining room and formal living room there were a few items that had to be addressed... 

  • Create an easy flow in the layout of furnishings
  • Incorporate existing artwork 
  • Align their visions for the space
  • Include a pinball machine
  • Design their new house into their dream home

With my help they not only have their original items in place, but they also had a plan on what to purchase as they find items they both love and continue to make their house a home they will enjoy for years to come.

What our clients did next... 

  • They worked together choosing everything for their new home
  • Inspired by the floor plan design they added in their own ideas for new and existing furnishings and artwork

Take a look at what they have accomplished as they wait on the much anticipated pinball machine!

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