We’ll have fun shopping your house! 

Guess what! You may already have everything you need to create a space you will love!  

My Redesign Package isn’t a “go to the spa, and experience the big reveal” moment like you see on television. We  work together to redesign your home, using the items you have chosen over the years to create a whole new look.

I can help you fall in love with the pieces in your home all over again by...

  • Taking those well loved family heirlooms out of storage 
  • Dusting off the vacation mementos that inspire great memories  
  • Repurpose those items you bought with care and intention 

I consider it the ultimate Green Design "Renew, Reuse and Repurpose".  We might need to go shopping afterwards to fill in some blanks, but quite possibly not!

Are you ready to Redesign your house? 

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While there were many beautiful pieces in this home, it didn't have the feeling of "home" my clients were craving.  

What a fabulous experience! Jamie helped me update my living room and kitchen by looking at what I had and then offering suggestions on how to rearrange items to make better use of my space. We moved a few wall hangings (and when I say "we" I really mean "she") and it gave my rooms a totally new look. She then gave me a few suggestions on little touches to add that were all very affordable (I am working with a very tight budget). I made a few purchases and with what she did paired with what I bought, I really felt like I got a brand new space. It was so easy and Jamie has a great eye. She even sent me a variety of suggestions after she left and had more time to think about my rooms. I had an excellent experience and I highly recommend you work with Design Compass!

— Tracy D.

Unlike many professional interior designers, Jamie does not work with people in a stuffy and judgmental manner. She treated me as a friend, providing just the right amount of suggestions and opinions to lead me to decisions my family and I were comfortable with, working with the things we already had in our home.”

— Kathy A.

After purchasing new furniture and rug for my living/family room, I had an end result that I did not like and I felt like I had failed in my attempt to create a cozy, comfortable room. I spent my time apologizing to friends who came to visit and just wrote it off as a very expensive mistake. 

I hired Jamie. After analyzing the placement of furniture, she made changes that day that totally transformed the room. She incorporated objects from other areas of my house to create a personal, warm feeling. Jamie didn’t try to change my personal style or push me in a direction that I wasn’t comfortable with implementing. She made great suggestions and I now have a beautiful room that I’m proud to have people visit.

— Teresa S.

We invite you to view a few of our Redesigned spaces...

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