There’s nothing easy about moving or moving back in after a renovation. 

Are you settling into a new home or newly renovated space? Maybe you have been in your home for a little while and things just aren’t coming together the way you’d like? 

Design Compass helps to alleviate the stress of settling into your house, and creating a home that you’ll love, using your chosen items. We’ll bring your visions to reality to ensure your new home is comfortable.

Here’s something to consider.

Our “Settling In” service is a post-move session to assist you in getting your home set up just right to create a comfortable, welcoming, and functional space.

*This session is offered in person and via Zoom for your convenience.

During our two-hour session we can discuss topics such as:
  • Your desired outcomes for your project.
  • A Furniture Placement Plan, and if needed, to-scale floor plans can be drawn for your new home’s layout with an additional fee.
  • Where your artwork and treasured items will be placed to bring your new home to life, along with resources for the installation.
  • How to fill in the blanks with new pieces. I can even assist with the selection process with an additional meeting.
  • Paint Color Consultation.
  • Lighting.
  • Window coverings. 

To optimize our time together I invite you to create a wish list of topics to discuss during our meeting.

We engaged Jamie Price of Design Compass to assist us in arranging our new home. We had come from a 3-story townhome in Chicago to an extended ranch in Menlo Park, and when all of our furniture arrived we faced a daunting challenge. We could not replicate what we'd been accustomed to. 

Jamie listened to us to assess our needs. She scoped out the entire space and the entire collection of furniture and demonstrated her vision to recommend placements that responded to our functional, aesthetic, and economical requirements. 

— Judith & Joshua S. 

Menlo Park, CA

Project Highlight...

Ernie and Stacy moved to a much larger home in Phoenix, AZ than they had in San Jose, CA and took everything they owned with them.  After a couple of months of enjoying their much larger new home in Arizona, they knew they needed help figuring out where all of their furniture and artwork should go.  

Creating a Plan

During our 2 hr. virtual consultation, we determined several things that were immediate action items for them. 

  • Move the family room furniture around for a better flow.
  • Move the guest bedroom bed onto a different wall to open up the space more.
  • Look for a piece of artwork of a certain size that they both loved, that would go above the family room sofa.  They found one on their trip to Hawaii.
  • Put up all of their artwork where I directed them for placement.

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Project Highlight...

Judy and Rich just moved to the area and needed help making their new apartment a home using the the items they had come to love and cherish over the last 50 years. 

Creating a Plan

During our 2 hr. virtual consultation, we determined several things that were immediate action items for them. 

  • Ways to incorporate the collection of over 35 paintings from all over the world
  • Coordinate the layout for easy flow and usability of the space
  • Create a cohesive look in color and style that matched with their existing art and furnishings

We knew Jamie was the right person to help us do this the minute we started sharing priorities, ideas, suggestions, questions and answers. She was truly a joy to work with. We highly recommend her.

Judy & Rich C

Cupertino, CA

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