"Home is where relationships are formed. My passion is to do all I can to help people feel good about where and how they live." 


Creating a space to watch the “big games”

This couple has young adult children that are off to college. They have lived in their home for 18 years and have only updated their kitchen. As sports enthusiasts they wanted to make their large living room a gathering place for the “big games” with a big screen television to increase the experience. Their hand-me-down furniture just didn’t cut it anymore.  

The vision…

They were ready to splurge on new furniture and wanted it to be comfortable and support their vision of an entertainment space. They called me because they didn’t have the confidence to work with the two separate focal points in the room (a fireplace and the television) sitting across from each other in the living room along with an awkwardly placed pillar in the space. 

I started with a space plan…

  • Drawing with all of the obstacles
  • Where I would suggest placing furniture to achieve their goals
  • Including select pieces that were so special to each of them
  • Finding a special place for their 22 yr old turtle’s habitat.

Through the drawing they saw the possibilities. We were all excited to get to work.  

Then, we all went shopping!

I noticed the husband was being really quiet until I handed him a book of sofa material to look through to see if he could find something he liked. He fell in love with a charcoal grey material that his wife was not very sure of. I assured her it would look great in the space and that we could look for pillow fabric that would tie in colors she really enjoyed marrying the looks to reflect both of their personalities. 

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