We recently moved from a large 5 bedroom house to a much smaller 3 bedroom apartment. We have a collection of over 35 paintings from South America, Europe, Canada, and the U.S. that we hoped to find a happy home for in our apartment.

We knew Jamie was the right interior designer to help us do this the minute we started sharing priorities, ideas, suggestions, questions and answers. Jamie very creatively incorporated our paintings and accessories into the layout, color and style of our apartment to achieve a harmonious look from room to room. Moreover, Jamie was truly a joy to work with throughout the process. We highly recommend her.

— Rich & Judy

Jamie Price did an excellent job with helping us revamp the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center office. She was not only affordable but knowledgeable and helped us make some difficult decisions when it came to keeping items we currently had or replacing them with new items to redecorate. She is a great listener and met our needs.

— Saratoga Chamber Of Commerce

I had a great experience with Jamie Price from Design Compass, with the House to Home program. She helped me with consultation on getting my client's property ready to go on the market - with color selection and overall harmony with what we already had. I appreciated how she listened to my preferences and needs, yet also gave her insightful professional opinion. We went with many of her color choices and the home sold in the first week with multiple offers for way over the list price. I'd recommend her House to Home service without hesitation, to Realtors, home sellers, and of course buyers moving into their new house to set everything up attractively.

— Kelsey L.

We were referred to Jamie by our daughter who met with her when she was starting a total remodel of her condo. I was so lucky to find a designer who is a great fit for our needs. Maybe I should say, she likely is capable of meeting the needs of any client as she is very knowledgeable in all areas. Her referrals have been great, and she always follows up to be certain we are pleased and content. She is very patient and that goes a long way with us as we were not too certain what we wanted. She is still helping us and likely will continue as we have not finished all the things on my "to do" list. We are very pleased with her policy and charges and always know exactly what costs will be. And she is fair. We have been so fortunate to have her to guide us.
I can’t wait until our next project together!

— Patrick & Ginny D. 

Jamie saved the day!! I was refurbishing our outdated dental office and did a great job getting 80% there but then I hit a brick wall. The paint colors were NOT coming together. Something was wrong and I didn’t know what! The white wasn’t the right white. The blue wasn’t the right tone. The floor we had in another part of the office that we wanted to use throughout was discontinued. Quartz countertops needed to be chosen. Decisions needed to be made yesterday! Jamie was quick to respond to my frantic calls. I started working with Jamie in the summer of 2021 so with COVID still looming and distance between us, Jamie and I connected via phone calls as well as zoom calls. We made final decisions together. She listened to what I wanted and with a tweak here and change there, she helped me divert a design disaster. I HIGHLY recommend Jamie for your design needs. I will be using her services again in the near future to help me decide on the perfect colors for the exterior of our home and our interior cabinets.

— Cindy

Jamie is awesome! She guided me towards decisions, but did not make them for me. I can be particular and indecisive at times, and she knew just when to give me a nudge. She is very patient, is an excellent listener, and was good with including my husband's input...and helping him understand design better. She was very quick to respond to text, email, & phone calls and never let me down when there were decisions that needed to be made quickly. She considered budget and function and included what is important to us. I never felt like she needed it to look a certain way for her portfolio. Our bathroom turned out amazing, and I think I might move in there 🙂 . I learned a lot working with Jamie and feel more confident in my ability to do other projects. I can't wait for her assist on bathroom #2 and to help me with some other design challenges in our house. She seems willing to help with any job, big or small which is much appreciated. Thx Jamie!

— Shannon S.

Jamie's virtual design consulting service was a fabulous help to me in getting renovations done to our home. I have a hard time making decisions and Jamie was able to guide me through the process, make suggestions that fit my design goals, and help me keep on track to accomplishing my vision. I am thrilled with the results and look forward to working with Jamie on my next project!

— Tammy C.

Jamie saved the day!! I was refurbishing our outdated dental office and did a great job getting 80% there but then I hit a brick wall. The paint colors were NOT coming together. Something was wrong and I didn’t know what! The white wasn’t the right white. The blue wasn’t the right tone. The floor we had in another part of the office that we wanted to use throughout was discontinued. Quartz countertops needed to be chosen. Decisions needed to be made yesterday! Jamie was quick to respond to my frantic calls. I started working with Jamie in the summer of 2021 so with COVID still looming and distance between us, Jamie and I connected via phone calls as well as zoom calls. We made final decisions together. She listened to what I wanted and with a tweak here and change there, she helped me divert a design disaster. I HIGHLY recommend Jamie for your design needs. I will be using her services again in the near future to help me decide on the perfect colors for the exterior of our home and our interior cabinets.

— Cindy

I had the pleasure to work with Jamie on a beautiful bath remodel on the peninsula. Our client wanted nice things but there was a budget to be respectful of. With Jamie’s vast experience she made great selections and teamed with one of our long-time contractors. Finishing on budget and on time resulted the beautiful results and a very happy client.
I can’t wait until our next project together!

— Patty H.

Love working with Jamie on our interior! She is wonderfully patient and has a great eye. We did not re-model, however desperately needed a paint refresh and new furniture. Jamie had great suggestions on how to repurpose and keep some of our existing items, created a great new layout for our tiny Peninsula living room, and provided expert advise on paint colors and new furnishings. Can't wait for Phase II once our furniture arrives (COVID delays are real) and get her input on accent pieces and lighting. Highly recommend if you need a fabulous thought partner on your home.

— Kate C.

I love working with Jamie! I had been wanting to refresh my home for a long time but being a single mom with 2 teenagers in the house, it was an overwhelming project to start. Jamie was the perfect partner to help me figure out all the who, what, when and how's. She introduced me to great organizers and contractors to get things going. I appreciated her patience and creative expertise when working through the many design decisions for my family room, living room and kitchen. Jamie is truly dedicated to helping you create a space that you will love and enjoy.

— Lisa P.

My husband and I needed help picking an exterior paint palette for our home. We were scared to death of picking the wrong colors and then having to live with them for the next 20 years. Jamie listened to our thoughts, our likes and our dislikes in terms of colors, and she helped us come to a final decision. She was generous with her time, and at the last minute, when we made a change on the body color, she guided us through the final choices and offered suggestions we hadn’t even considered. We’ve received lots of compliments from neighbors. She was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend her.

— Dolores

Jamie is great. We were looking for interior decorating as well as interior paint ideas/help. Jamie came to our house, assessed the interior, listened patiently and asked questions to get a good idea of our likes and dislikes of existing setup. She then made great recommendations that helped us tremendously (most of it with what we had which will help to minimize our spending and give our place a whole new look at the same time) and suggested paint color that has made our paint selection very easy. Additionally (not part of our initial meeting plan) Jamie even took time to look at our patio (under build) and front yard to give us great ideas that made great sense and we will definitely implement during build/remodeling.
I have to mention that our consulting meeting at home with Jamie was not the end of our conversation or her help and recommendations. The next day she followed with a summary our meeting/discussion, her ideas and all the information on items we need to purchase and answered a whole bunch of other questions that we had (even invited us to contact her anytime with more questions). She even sent us some paint chips right away to place on the walls so we can see how it looks and before finalizing our paint selection or before spending any money on the paint.
She is simply amazing.
Thanks Jamie!!!!

— Amir F. 

As soon as I met Jamie with Design Compass I knew she was the designer I wanted to work with to remodel my kitchen. There was an instant rapport. She is knowledgeable, has creative ideas, a great listener, very efficient with our time, and super easy and enjoyable to work with. She takes the time to fully understand your style preferences and does everything she can to make your dream design come true. Jamie gets just as excited about our remodel as I do! She is fair, honest, and very hard working. When I do phase 2 of my remodel, it will be Design Compass that I call.

— Danean G.

I currently worked with Jamie on my home remodel. She always responded very quickly to my calls and questions. Her recommendations were always spot on. She wanted to know what was important not only to me but also to my husband. Jamie would make great suggestions and inform me of what to look for in my kitchen setup. She took the time to help me out when I was ordering my cabinets. She checked over my plans to make sure we had all of the necessary storage covered. She had good perspective and really listened to my needs. She was like a great team mate working with us to make sure we got everything we needed and wanted.

— Cindy B.

Jamie has helped me with designing most rooms in my house, as well as assisting me with selections for my new kitchen remodel. Jamie is an amazing interior designer, who takes into account all aspects of your house, from colors and style, to how the flow and layout works for you personally. And she makes the process so easy and painless. She helped me think about things I would never have thought of, even down to the smallest detail. I absolutely love how she has transformed my house to be so representative of my personality. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

— Kristina B.

Five Stars. What does it mean? Who deserves it? And Why is Jamie worth it? Professionals main job is to be completely knowledgeable about their profession, understand their client's needs and then use their judgment to offer a service that is well balanced. 
My wife and I built our dream house, and
we were not prepared for the amount decisions we need to make. The appliances, the floors, the cabinets, the sinks, mirrors, stones, none of these we knew to make a choice. 

Met Jamie as a friend in Rotary, she stepped in knowing our discomfort, educated and guided us, and we made selections together we are very happy about. Our friends who visit our place love it. 

A year after she worked for us, we are still friends!!!! 

If you have never built a home before, or have not done remodeling, hire someone like her. You will save a lot of money on the project. I know we did.
I have recommended her to my friends, and would do anyone who wants good service.

 —  Venkatesh T.

Need direction for your home update, but your spouse has other ideas? Walk through your home, like my husband and I did, with Jamie. She will listen to both of you, then give you the reality of what you both want, and suggest some things that will work for both of you. She is quite good at getting everyone on the same page. 

Start your update/remodeling project with an agreed-upon plan. Hire Jamie.

— Erin B.

I can't imagine how I would have gotten through this project without her. I do unreservedly recommend her and her services.

Jamie is an amazing designer! She gives you her full attention and isn't afraid to tell when something won't really work. She is a calm force when you are a stormy mess trying to figure things out! Working with her on our kitchen has been a dream!

— Heidi  M.

Jamie was indispensable with our kitchen remodel. She listened to what we were thinking, and then gave us several options and suggestions that made the project come together perfectly.

The project was done on budget and all of her contacts were very professional as well. We would highly recommend her.

— Sandra and Scott E.

When my contractor said he could start my job within 1 week AND I had chosen NO materials yet, I called Jamie. This was a complete double bathroom remodel down to the studs. 
Jamie jumped in, meeting with me & the contractor.
She asked questions and made suggestions I hadn't thought of in my haste to get things going. She immediately got me shopping for the crucial materials, knowing where to go, what to include, and helping me along the way to narrow down my choice selection.
While Jamie guided the process of selection/choices,
she skillfully listened to my preferences and was able to translate that into MY vision for these bathrooms - NOT HERS. She kept me on-track and focused on what needed to be done and when.
Jamie made a challenging situation much more endurable. She was pleasant to work with and always responded in a timely manner. She followed through, doing what she said she would do, when she said she would do it. She was a helpful sounding board for my ideas.”

— Paula S.

Jamie did our tasting room design for our winery in Los Gatos. She was very professional and came up with fantastic ideas. We receive many complements on our design and color choices.

— Richard H.

I finally love to sit in my living room. Jamie, you were amazing at rearranging the furniture. It is so much more inviting and functional… Thank you so much – I cannot tell you how often I have wanted a person of your expertise to come in and help me with that room.

— Lori P.

Jamie has provided an invaluable service to help us make the best use of our space and fine-tune our plans while still in the blueprint phase. She has been the perfect liaison between us and our architect.

— Lindy D.

It has been great working with Jamie Price of Design Compass. When I moved into a condo I was ready to remodel. I had ideas and picked out some basics for the kitchen and bath but was not sure how to put it all together. Jamie listened to what I wanted, was fun to be with, and helped create a beautiful home that feels 100% mine. 

She blends style and comfort with a great sense of color and design. She is generous with her time and makes you feel like you are her only client. From living room, kitchen, bedroom, office to furniture and accessories she has great ideas that make each room special but never loses the sense of the balance and beauty of the entire home. 

She made an overwhelming project doable, was aware of finances and always checked things out. I love our new home and would recommend Jamie to help anyone create their special home with any project large or small.

 — Candy and Jim S.

We asked Jamie to help us with furniture and decor selection for a beach home using the existing color palette and finish materials. She did an excellent job overall from furniture layout, furniture sourcing, color guidance and recommending decor websites. The result was very comfortable, not overly beach themed and perfect for family and friends gathering. She was very reasonable, willing to help us vet pieces we found and provided good input on future kitchen and bath remodeling plans. Easy to work with too. We will use her again as remodeling plans progress.”

— Chris and Celeste D.

I am impressed with Jamie’s talent and knowledge. I knew the things in our house needed to be arranged differently, but just wasn’t sure how to go about it.

Jamie made recommendations that immediately improved the look of our downstairs (living room, family room, dining room, entryway, and guest bathroom). She has a talent for reworking existing furniture, paintings and accessories to create a new and finished look. She obviously loves her work and is very dedicated. She even stopped by a couple of times, just to tell me about an idea she thought of for our house!”

— Susan S.

I hired Design Compass to consult with me regarding my living room redecorating project January, 2016. Jamie came to my home and I walked her through my thoughts and ideas for my space. She gave me advice and recommendations about placement of furniture, size of art work and rugs, where to shop for new pieces and I even called her from the store when I had to decide between a couple of chairs and fabric swatches.  

Jamie was always prompt and came prepared listen to my ideas and helped me put together my dream living room.”

— Tammy S.

After purchasing new furniture and rug for my living/family room, I had an end result that I did not like and I felt like I had failed in my attempt to create a cozy, comfortable room. I spent my time apologizing to friends who came to visit and just wrote it off as a very expensive mistake. 

I hired Jamie. After analyzing the placement of furniture, she made changes that day that totally transformed the room. She incorporated objects from other areas of my house to create a personal, warm feeling. Jamie didn’t try to change my personal style or push me in a direction that I wasn’t comfortable with implementing. She made great suggestions and I now have a beautiful room that I’m proud to have people visit”

— Teresa S.

Unlike many professional interior designers, Jamie does not work with people in a stuffy and judgmental manner. She treated me as a friend, providing just the right amount of suggestions and opinions to lead me to decisions my family and I were comfortable with, working with the things we already had in our home.”

— Kathy A.

From point A to Point B, Jamie's expertise and keen sense of style was evident. Her professionalism mixed with a warmth made working with Jamie a delight. Shopping and picking items together while coaching me about what would go around the pieces that we tied in the colors and style was both fun and educational. She used favorite items I had and worked with me to keep within the budget. I highly recommend Jamie. I will definitely use her again!

— Trudy G.

Attractive, practical advice on all aspects of furnishing and structure remodeling, good product sourcing ideas and contacts, worked to keep in budget putting the investments in the right places.”

— Chris D.

Thank you Jamie for helping us turn our vision into reality!
We could not be happier with the experience we had working with Jamie as she helped us transform our lackluster office space into a warm, welcoming, yet professional technology center.
One of the best things about Jamie is that she really listens to her clients and knows what questions to ask to make the most out of every meeting. She spent a great deal of time getting to know us and the services we provide to the community, carefully listening to our vision and goals for our tech center. Jamie quickly researched many options for us and offered creative ideas and suggestions, from paint color to furnishings to wall décor, all the while respecting our budget and never pushing her ideas. In a very collaborative way she guided our vision and goals towards appropriate design selections with the end result being a cohesive, functional, and inviting tech center that we couldn’t be more proud of!
It was a wonderful experience working with Jamie. Not only are
her design skills top-notch but she is a very kind, warm-hearted individual who made the whole process, from start to finish, pleasant and enjoyable. We are so excited to show off our beautiful new space to our clients. If you are considering a redecorating or remodeling project, don’t hesitate to contact Jamie for help and guidance– she is simply the BEST! Thank you, Jamie!!

— Janet N. Manager Parents Helping Parents iTECH Center

Jamie has done design work for us over the past 15 years. We're so pleased with the entire process of re-design and design. She has created harmony in our lives by bringing styles into our home through personal color selection, functional furniture placement and creative arrangements for our artwork and accessories. She worked with our existing furniture but also included additional furniture and decorating items to give our home the "wow" factor!
Jamie goes through concerns, function, lighting, color, budget all before the project is started. She pays special attention to fine details that other wise would be over looked. She has selected colors and furniture that have transformed our space into one that has warmth, color and function. She is a pro at capturing the moods and colors that make our house interior inviting.

— Linda S.

Although I have extensive experience in construction management and contracting, I don't know much about interior design, and if something I chose looks good, I got lucky. I mentioned my shortcomings to my contractor, who recommended Jamie as a designer who could help. Jamie turned out to be easy to work with and very knowledgeable, and beyond the basics of choosing paint colors and the like, she helped me choose countertops, backsplash tile, pendant lights, door pulls and knobs, you name it, and also educated me on things I never would have thought of in kitchen design, as well as added some of her design touches to the design that classed the place up beyond what I would have imagined. I recommend Jamie for help in your kitchen design, and interior design in general, and the earlier you engage her on a project the more benefit you'll get, plus you'll stay ahead of your contractor, always a good thing to keep schedules tight and costs within budget.

— Steve R.

We parted ways with our previous designer before we had all our selections complete. My wife and I knew what we wanted and we wanted reassurance that our choices would work. Mid-way through our remodel Jamie helped us in our choice of tile. Next she helped use finalize our choice of paint colors. Our living room has a stone faced fireplace and we wanted a color to complement it and the hardwood floor. She blew us away with the color. We love it!!!

Beyond her expertise my wife and I had so much fun working with Jamie. Warm and friendly and knew when to challenge us so we'd end up with a better solution.

— Eamon R.
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